• California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus

  • California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus

  • LGBTQ Victory Fund

  • Equality California (EQCA)

  • California Federation of Teachers (CFT)


  • U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (Ret.)

  • U.S. Congressmember Raul Ruiz

  • California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis

  • California State Controller Betty Yee

  • California State Treasurer Fiona Ma

  • Board of Equalization District Member Malia Cohen

  • California State Senator Susan Talamantes Eggman

  • California State Senator Scott Wiener

  • California Legislative Women's Caucus Chair and State Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia

  • Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl

  • Riverside County Supervisor V. Manuel Perez

  • Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez

  • Palm Springs Out-going Mayor Christy Holstege

  • Palm Springs City Councilmember Geoff Kors

  • Palm Springs City Councilmember Dennis Woods

  • Palm Springs City Councilmember Grace Garner

  • Palm Desert Mayor Kathleen Kelly

  • Palm Desert Councilmember Karina Quintanilla

  • Riverside County Board of Education Member Elizabeth Romero


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"The California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus is thrilled to endorse Lisa Middleton’s candidacy for State Senate because we need more bold, innovative LGBTQ+ leaders who are ready to take on California's toughest issues and deliver for our communities. Throughout her career, Lisa has been a trailblazing champion for the LGBTQ community as well as a dedicated public servant and activist working to uplift her city, particularly on the Palm Springs City Council. Additionally, the California Legislature should reflect our state’s dynamic population, and it’s far past time that transgender Californians were represented in Sacramento. We know that Lisa will be a pioneering, relentless advocate for the 28th District and all Californians, working tirelessly to make the state more inclusive, fair, and just. We’re with her 100% and look forward to helping Lisa get elected."

California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus

LM_CA Dem Leg Women's Caucus_leaf.png

"Throughout her career in public service as a community advocate and local elected official, Lisa Middleton has been an unyielding champion for women’s empowerment and our right to choose in the Coachella Valley. We know that in the State Senate, Lisa will be dedicated to closing the gender pay gap, holding sexual abusers accountable, and providing quality, affordable reproductive healthcare for all. Additionally, electing a trailblazing transgender woman like Lisa to the State Legislature will not only shatter a long-standing political barrier and inspire countless other LGBTQ women, but also bring a much-needed perspective to Sacramento in the fight for full, lived equality for all. The California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus is excited to support such an accomplished and pioneering candidate for State Senate who will work tirelessly to uplift women throughout California and defend their rights. We’re with her 100%."

California Democratic Legislative Women’s Caucus

LM_Victory Fund_leaf.png

LGBTQ Victory Fund

"A victory for Lisa will shatter a long-standing political barrier in California and will be a milestone moment for the state and the country. Yet Lisa is not running for state senate to be a trailblazer. She is a passionate public servant who brings solutions-oriented optimism to challenges big and small – from filling potholes to healthcare access to climate change. Her constituents’ quality of life will always be the priority, but Lisa’s election will also inspire a new generation of trans leaders to follow in her footsteps."


"Lisa Middleton is an accomplished leader who has made her region more inclusive, just and equitable. That’s why Equality California is thrilled to announce our early support for Lisa’s campaign for Senate. The 28th District needs Lisa’s courage, innovative thinking and unique ability to build coalitions in Sacramento, where she will be a trailblazing champion for full, lived equality while delivering critical resources to her community. We’re with Lisa 100 percent and look forward to helping her make history once again as California’s first transgender state legislator."

Equality California 


"CFT is proud to endorse Lisa Middleton for State Senate. A product of California public schools, Lisa is a lifelong advocate for the transformative power of quality public education and has been a stalwart defender of workers' rights. We are confident that in Sacramento, Lisa will work tirelessly to defend teachers and classified professionals and to ensure local schools have enough resources to provide a high-quality education for every student in California. We’re with Lisa 100% and look forward to helping her get elected."

California Federation of Teachers (CFT)

LM_Barbara Boxer_leaf.png

Barbara Boxer
Former U.S. Senator

"I’m thrilled to announce my support for Lisa Middleton’s campaign for Senate District 28.  A fearless fighter for the people she represents, Lisa is a compassionate, principled and savvy leader who will fight for those most in need in Sacramento while bringing people and ideas to the table to solve big problems. California needs Lisa’s forward-thinking ideas, compassion, grit and determination in the State Senate.  I’m proud to offer her my enthusiastic endorsement."

LM_Raul Ruiz_leaf.png

Raul Ruiz, M.D.
U.S. Congressmember

"I’m excited to endorse Lisa Middleton for State Senate because she is an effective, solutions-oriented leader who I know will fight for the Coachella Valley’s fair share in Sacramento. As a public servant, Lisa has shown the courage and innovative thinking necessary to effectively advocate for working families, access to affordable healthcare, immigrant communities, and environmental justice. I’m with Lisa 100% and look forward to helping her get elected."

LM_Eleni Kounalakis_leaf.png

Eleni Kounalakis
California Lt. Governor 

"We need Lisa Middleton's proven leadership fighting for California's 28th District in the State Senate. Whether it's serving as a champion for working families, confronting our climate crisis, helping small businesses grow, broadening our middle-class economy, making college more affordable, improving transportation networks, or enhancing public safety -- I know that Lisa Middleton will continue to deliver for her constituents, and all Californians. I am very proud to endorse Lisa Middleton’s historic candidacy for State Senate."

LM_Betty Yee_leaf.png

Betty Yee
California State Controller

"I’m proud to support Lisa Middleton’s historic race for State Senate. Lisa has a deep understanding of the wide variety of issues Californians face — lack of affordable housing, access to quality education, creation of good-paying jobs, and ability to retire with dignity — through her lived experiences and service to her community as a City Councilmember. I know Lisa will be a relentless fighter for working families and a champion for equality in the State Legislature. I am pleased to endorse her."

LM_Fiona Ma_leaf.png

Fiona Ma
California State Treasurer

"I’m excited to support my colleague and friend Lisa Middleton to represent the people of District 28 for State Senate. In my time serving with Lisa on the CalPERS Board of Administration, I saw her innovative thinking, hard work and determination firsthand. She will have an indelible impact on her future colleagues and our great State because she has proven her ability to be on top of issues involving billions of dollars and millions of people."

LM_Malia Cohen_leaf.png

Malia Cohen
Board of Equalization District Member

"Lisa Middleton knows how to lead with grace and grit in the midst of adversity, which is why I am thrilled to endorse her campaign for State Senate. Especially as we continue to grapple with all the ramifications from the pandemic, Lisa will bring vital solutions to the table to address systemic issues like confronting our worsening inequality and climate crisis. Our state’s capitol needs leaders like Lisa — let’s send her to Sacramento!"

LM_Cristina Garcia_leaf.png

"As the most populous, diverse and dynamic state in the nation, with the fifth-largest economy in the world, California has been a trailblazer on so many critical issues. Nonetheless, we have a myriad of challenges to grapple with in the years ahead. That's why we need to elect bold and visionary leaders who will help shape policy to guide our state forward. In the 28th Senate District, that candidate is Lisa Middleton. Lisa has the experience, track record and background needed to hit the ground running in Sacramento, and most importantly, I know she will work tirelessly for the people of the 28th Senate District. I am pleased to give Lisa my wholehearted and enthusiastic support."

Cristina Garcia
California Legislative Women's Caucus Chair and State Assemblywoman

LM_Manny Perez_leaf.png

"I’m excited to endorse Lisa Middleton for State Senate because throughout her time in public service, she’s proven that she is an effective leader who is dedicated to the success of our region. I know that in Sacramento, Lisa will push to increase funding for our K-12 schools, make college more affordable, protect our environment, expand access to affordable healthcare, expand transportation networks, and help create good-paying jobs.  I'm proud to endorse her campaign, and I’m with her 100%."

V. Manuel Perez
Riverside County Supervisor

LM_Steven Hernandez_leaf.png

"I am proud to endorse my friend Lisa Middleton for State Senate because she is the best person to represent the 28th District. I know that in the State Legislature, Lisa will always have the back of hard-working families throughout our communities and California, working to enact critical immigrant rights laws, increase access to affordable healthcare, combat our climate crisis, protect workers' rights, and advocate for full, lived equality and the dignity of all people. I look forward to helping her get elected."

Steven Hernandez
Coachella Mayor

LM_Christy Holstege_leaf.png

"I’m thrilled today to announce my enthusiastic support for my friend Lisa Middleton’s campaign for State Senate.  Lisa is a driven, courageous, and pragmatic leader who has both the wide-ranging skills and extensive policy vision to deliver for the 28th District in Sacramento. Lisa is deeply knowledgeable about the issues impacting our region and will bring innovative solutions to the legislature to fight for our fair share of resources and tackle California's biggest challenges, from enhancing transportation networks to college affordability to job creation, access to affordable healthcare and more. I’m proud to endorse her campaign for SD-28 and look forward to hopefully working with her in the State Legislature."

Christy Holstege
Out-going Palm Springs Mayor

LM_Grace Garner_leaf.png

"I’m excited to endorse Lisa Middleton for State Senate. She's tough, smart and eager to do the necessary work to uplift our community in Sacramento. Lisa has proven that she is an effective leader who knows how to get things done. She is dedicated to the success of our community. I’m proud to give her my full support."

Grace Garner
Palm Springs City Councilmember

LM_Geoff Kors_leaf.png

"I’m thrilled to endorse my friend and colleague Lisa Middleton for State Senate, who will be the long-awaited champion in Sacramento that our community has sought for years.  Lisa is deeply knowledgeable about the issues affecting our community and will be a relentless fighter working to uplift our region in Sacramento. I look forward to helping her get elected."

Geoff Kors
Palm Springs City Councilmember

LM_Dennis Woods_leaf.png

"Lisa Middleton is uniquely prepared and profoundly qualified to serve as our voice in the 28th State Senate District. She's battle-tested and an innovative thinker, but more importantly, Lisa is deeply connected to the communities on the ground. I’m confident that in Sacramento, she will use her pragmatism, determination and forward-thinking to combat our climate crisis, build more affordable housing, enhance transportation networks and fully fund public schools. I’m excited to endorse my friend Lisa Middleton for State Senate."

Dennis Woods
Palm Springs City Councilmember

LM_Kathleen Kelly_leaf.png

"Lisa Middleton commands respect wherever she serves. Her knowledge and appreciation for all perspectives gives her great influence over outcomes. Her presence in Sacramento would produce real gains for all of us in the Coachella Valley. She has my complete support for State Senate District 28."

Kathleen Kelly
Palm Desert Mayor

LM_Karina Quintanilla_leaf.png

"Lisa Middleton is the leader we need representing us. She has been a successful leader and as a public servant and elected official. Her experience working for the state and her knowledge of the critical needs of our region are unmatched. Lisa balances intelligence and compassion and will advocate for our district’s need for affordable housing, education, a diversified economy and inclusion for all Californians."

Karina Quintanilla
Palm Desert City Councilmember

LM_Elizabeth Romero_leaf.png

"I'm thrilled to announce my support of Lisa Middleton’s campaign for State Senate District 28.  I’ve seen Lisa in action firsthand, and I can personally attest to her deep commitment to improving the lives of the people she serves.  I know Lisa will fight for the 28th District’s fair share in Sacramento and be a strong ally for our communities, advancing a common-sense agenda that lifts up all working families - from helping to enhance transportation systems to combating climate change to ensuring our economy works for everyone. I’m with her 100%."

Elizabeth Romero
Riverside County Board of Education Member