Elect Lisa Middleton Palm Springs City Council

In this election the future of Palm Springs is at stake. I am committed to a Palm Springs that is a welcoming, inclusive and a vibrant community of neighbors. A place where our residents are at home and our visitors don’t want to leave.

Palm Springs is the best place that I have ever lived and I pledge to work to keep it that way. My foundation is our neighborhoods. I know the people of this city and have the leadership ability to get things done. As Chair of ONE-PS and a Planning Commissioner, I have built coalitions and brought people together on a multitude of issues – ranging from the revitalization of downtown to sustainable development projects to neighborhood safety – that have improved the city for all of us.

Our city and our city government have been through a trial. We have a choice – will it divide us or make us stronger? I have spent my adult life in government and I know how to make it work. I am committed to a city government that reflects our best and, from a 36 year career in public service, have the experience to make our control systems and review processes stronger and more effective.

I am committed to a city government that works for its residents, fostering a renewable energy industry and ensuring responsible development.
• Our city government is responsible for the most basic of public services – police, fire, streets, trash pick up, sanitation, city planning, and public safety – and I am committed to ensuring our city services are efficient, effective and accessible. I have the experience and know how good government works and will use that experience to ensure that it works for every resident of our city.
• I led the charge for solar on the Planning Commission and I will continue that on City Council. Palm Springs gets over 350 days of sunshine a year and the north side of Palm Springs is one the best places in the world for wind energy. Managed well, this is a great opportunity for Palm Springs to broaden its economic base and provide new jobs in the rapidly expanding green industry for residents.
• It is essential that we manage all aspects of the development of our city in a planned and responsible fashion. I am focused on the revitalization of our downtown and sustainable development projects that excel – architecturally and economically. Initiatives to eliminate abandoned buildings and blighted vacant lots are a priority. As is my commitment to saving our undeveloped canyons and hillsides from development.

Good government begins and ends with absolute integrity, an ability to listen and a government that is open, accountable and responsible. I will be in your neighborhood, first listening and then getting things done. I will hold “Office Hours” weekly at City Hall open to any resident or businessperson without an appointment, first come-first served. I will host public meetings no less than once a year in every one of our 43 neighborhoods.

I have spent my adult life as a public servant. I am proud of it. On November 7th, I would appreciate your vote.

Elect Lisa Middleton Palm Springs City Council