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Lisa Middleton:

the right leader for right now


The challenges before us require leadership that listens and is both experienced and thoughtful.


Active listening, proven experience, and thoughtful consideration — these are the personal qualities I believe in.  

My message remains one of fiscal prudence, leadership in renewable energy, reliable public safety, and a local government that is ethical and accessible.

I've been honored to serve you in the Palm Springs City Council, and I'm asking for your support in my re-election. 

Lisa Middleton

Councilmember, Palm Springs District 5

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Lisa's Ballot Signature Gathering

Lisa's Ballot Signature Gathering

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Endorsed by


Equality California


Mail in your ballots early!


Election day is November 3 

Join OUR Campaign  
The campaign will set this up; you just provide us with the emails of the people to invite.
If and when it is deemed safe to do so

Thank You!

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